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Since our first American steamer voyage from New York to the U.S. West Coast during the California Gold Rush of 1849, APL has been at the forefront of the global shipping industry. The business that APL and its predecessors built has touched the lives of millions of people, involved virtually every country in the world, and shaped the future of international ocean container shipping and intermodal transportation. Vitality, innovation and a pioneering spirit have been the guiding principles of APL for over 160 years. The same values also remain integral to our vision of a successful future.

APL has the knowledge and the expertise to help our customers grow their businesses and negotiate in an increasingly complex and ever-changing global marketplace – whether that is venturing into new territories or growing in already developed markets. With our highly competitive transit times, reputation for service reliability and excellence and commitment to sustainable global trade, shippers the world over place their trust in us to provide them the value they need to compete in today’s global economy.

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